MyAutomation.Store (Under Maintenance)


MyAutomation.Store is our one-stop online store for sourcing state-of-the-art automation products.  We not only provide you the automation solutions and experts, but we also provide an online platform where you can buy (for customers) and list (for suppliers) industrial automation related products.

We live in an ever-changing world that constantly outgrows itself. Here, in the early years of the 21st century, the Internet is more than just a way people connect with friends and get to know information when they need it. It has also become the go-to place people prioritize when they need to make a purchase, especially when any other alternative option will not work out. This is just as much the case when you’re in the market for industrial tools or products in automation etc. We provide a plethora of products from which you can choose the desired entity to make your automation dreams an astounding reality. Standardized in quality, unquestionable in customer service and cheap in prices, we assure you that our products will satisfy your needs completely. You can go through the videos below to know the benefits for suppliers and customers.