MyAutomation.Solutions is a one-stop online place for state-of-the-art automation solutions. Solutions to new, upgrade and corrective, automation challenges through the application of contemporary technologies from which you can pick and choose. Our experts will ensure timely and successful delivery of the solutions and are easily found through our online and collaborative websites. Benefit from our forum and available training, and in many cases, find we have already provided similar solutions, thus expediting your results.



The Internet boom has made finding answers easier. From making phone calls and searching dictionaries, we’ve now moved on to a simpler, sophisticated element, Google. And yet, even with the advancement of technology that makes knowledge accessible to the inside of our palms, there is a certain complication. The overwhelming stack of unstructured data comes with an ambiguity attached to itself. How often have you googled for a specific question, and the search results in either generic answers, or with many websites giving different answers resulting in a confused state of yourself. MyAutomation.Solutions were mainly created to remove ambiguity and ensure clarity in knowledge exchange.



A specialized forum is the need of the hour for the industrial automation community and that’s why KioTek has come up with MyAutomation.Solutions. The mechanism is simple. If you have a problem, post your queries in the forum. If others have a solution, you can troubleshoot your problem with your in-house engineers itself, instead of consulting a technical expert. Our aim is crystal clear – to save industrial money and time. One can ask and answer questions in the forum. This facilitates the way for a healthy discussion, and since the users consist of qualified high-level technical experts, you shall have no qualms with the reliability of the solutions you’re getting.

If you are confident enough that you needn’t waste your expenses on a technical expert, you can do it yourself but you don’t know how to go about  it. KioTek presents, MyAutomation.Solutions, a forum meant for such questions, so that the workers can learn easy troubleshooting methods from the forum, and implement it on their own.