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KioTek Digi Networks

KioTek Digi Networks is an automation-based company founded with a vision of creating more opportunities and resourceful careers for young aspiring engineers to develop their skill sets and become a finely polished expert in the field of automation.

Mr. M Kailash founded KioTek Digi Networks in 2017 with a broad-minded vision to cater to the needs of the industrial automation community. The idea was to not only offer a helping hand to the various setbacks industries face on a day to day basis, but to also create a vast amount of job opportunities for thousands of budding engineers. With Dr. PK Kailash, the honorable co-founder, whose intuitive skills are second to none, both these stalwarts succeeded in setting up an engaging environment for their employees. Adopting a work culture and maintaining it, thereby providing a work space where integrity, accountability and teamwork thrive has been one of the facets of KioTek.

KioTek believes that it can widely transcend the world of automation through its innovative packages and creative ideas, aimed at solving the problems industries face nowadays. The most primary problem is downtime and much of KioTek’s focus is on minimizing it to the benefit of the industries. Thus, KioTek has 4 platforms, each unique in their own way, yet correlated, with the firm belief to reduce the effect of downtime to negligible levels. The four platforms, namely, MyAutomation.Store, MyAutomation.Expert, MyAutomation.Training and MyAutomation.Solutions work in cohesion to ensure we are of best service to the industrial automation community.

Meet Our Team

KioTek Digi Networks was started with the main vision of reducing downtime in industries. We have four domains which work in cohesion to help achieve our goals, which is MyAutomation.Store, MyAutomation.Solutions, MyAutomation.Expert and MyAutomation.Training.


Mr.Kai Mariappan

(Founder & CEO)

Conceptualized and built the development team for KioTek Digi Networks. He has 30 years of all-around professional, technical, marketing and business management experience in advanced Industrial Automation and robotics systems. He has an engineering degree in Industrial Automation and an MBA in marketing and finance. He had been repeatedly selected as a panel member and keynote speaker at International conferences in USA and Australia. He has travelled widely in USA, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia and India. He ardently invests in hi-tech companies. He is the founder and investor of KioTek Digi Networks LLC (USA), KioTek Digi Networks Private Limited (India) and Apex view Ventures LLC (USA).

Dr.PK Kailash


Has 29 years of diversified experience in teaching/training in the healthcare Industry. She holds a PhD in Bio-Chemistry. She is the co-founder of KioTek Digi Networks LLC (USA) and KioTek Digi Networks Private Limited (India). She leads business support services for both the companies.

Eric Murray

Eric A Murray

(Director - Sales & Marketing)

Recently joined the KioTek staff, bringing over 25 years of diversified experience in technical industries, including telecom, datacom and energy IIoT. Most recently for Itron, Inc., he provided solution architecture support to the top regional sales team in the USA, serving the needs of the largest utility companies. He also served Itron in product marketing and in solutions delivery. He gained extensive experience in cybersecurity during most of his working career. He holds a BA degree from the University of North Carolina. While in the US Army Reserve, he attained the rank of Major and was deployed three times to combat zones.


(Director - Marketing & HR)

Has 40 years of business and professional experience in marketing and human resources. He has an MBA in Marketing and a PhD in Management Studies. He has undergone Senior Management Training in IIM (B), XLRI, Jamshedpur and in the UK. Further, he has served/been serving various senior level management positions in the capacities of a director, vice president, panel consultant, trainer and author. He has widely travelled in Asia, Europe and Arabian countries.

Mr.S Gopi Vishwanath

(Resident Director)

Has 20 years of extensive experience in design, programming, project management and team building in the field of Industrial Automation. He is the project manager for MyAutomation.Store and also leads KioTek Digi Networks Private Limited as the Executive Director. He has an engineering degree in Industrial Automation.

Our Team